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Little River Harmony spells adventure for the Slaby Family. Since the first day we stepped onto the property, we were hooked. We marvel at the heights we've climbed to get to where we are today. 
    All six of us contributed to the building of this cabin from even before the ground up. First we had to find the river! It truly was hard to see the forest for the trees! Arming each child with a whistle and compass was the rule in those days. 
    In the days that followed, lessons in excavation, masonry, carpentry, electricity, plumbing and painting were woven together with a giant dollop of perseverance and creativity. Each day we learned immeasurably along with our homeschooled children.
    The most important lesson of all has been recognizing the true beauty in every moment, regardless of the circumstances. We all can look back at this building experience with gratitude for all the wonderful people who helped us build our dream.

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