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Leap and the net will apear

When we began our journey of building our vacation log house 500 miles from home, the great unknown faced us in every direction. We knew very little about the Mentone area; we had only visited it once or twice before. We also had no relatives or friends nearby for comfort and encouragement.

So began our Leap of Faith. 


With enormous thanks and big hugs to all who lovingly helped build our piece of paradise....we recognize The Little River Harmony Team. Each and every person we worked with brought a perfection to the completion of our puzzle. Even when the going didn't exactly "go" the way we planned, everything always landed firmly in the place it needed to land. 



Lookout Mountain Log Homes, Bill and Terry Grissom.


Native Log Home Builders, Berwyn and Patty Rooks and crew.
(Shannon, Wayne, Pat, George, Chris)


Watters Excavating, Alex & Misty Watters, 256-634-4247

And let's not forget the four little Slabys: Margo 13, Erik 11, Benjamin 9, Annika 7. :)

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