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Silver linings appear when you least expect them.

We've been sharing our home since we built it in 2007 and couldn't be more pleased with every guest that has brought so much love and care into our home. Since those nervous beginnings as we entered the world of sharing our home with the world, our family has grown on so many levels. Not only are our kids nearly all grown up, but we've grown both spiritually and mentally from the whole experience.

The short story is, we couldn't have scripted a better story. . . A story that was never designed to take this kind of turn.

We are so thankful for every single guest that chooses to stay at our home. It's mind boggling how every single guest over the years has been caring and loving towards not only our home but our family as well.

But we didn't set out to build our home-away-from-home to share it with the world. The plan was to finish it out slowly as our children grew, providing them a piece of heaven to run away from our everyday world.

However, as it were, circumstances beyond our control put us in front of two options: Rent our home or lose it.

(Flashback to the nation-wide mortgage meltdown of 2008.)

We didn't realize it at the time how extensive the damage of that financial upheaval would affect us, let alone millions more, in the long run.

We also didn't realize the silver lining that would unfold for us with our newly built dream home away from home.

Had the great recession not took its toll on us, we never would have experienced the profound and great joy of meeting so many dear people who have stayed in our home. We are truly, beyond belief, grateful for that, and say it with deep sincerity. Little River Harmony is about all of the good people that wind their way down our long lane and across the threshold of our special place in the woods.

So it is on that note that I'd like to welcome you to our newly remodeled website that includes this blog where we plan to continue to build on our community of wonderful people who call Little River Harmony home.


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